Artscape is underway in the Mt. Royal, Bolton Hill, Charles Street and Station North neighborhoods of Baltimore. It’s billed as the largest free arts festival in the United States. It’s produced by the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts, lovingly known as BOPA. BOPA has a new boss. Joining us in the studio today is Donna Drew Sawyer, who took the reins of BOPA a couple of weeks ago, after serving as its chief of external affairs for about a year. She succeeds Bill Gilmore, who served in various leadership positions at BOPA for more than 37 years. As the CEO of BOPA, Donna Drew Sawyer will oversee some of Baltimore’s biggest events, including Artscape, the Baltimore Book Festival and Light City. Donna Drew Sawyer joins Tom in Studio A. The conversation was live-streamed on WYPRs Facebook page, and you can see that video here.
BOPA Chief Donna Drew Sawyer Spotlights Artscape 2018
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