There are 49 days to go until the November 3rd elections. Among the many contests voters will be deciding will be the race for Baltimore mayor. In addition to Brandon Scott, the Democratic nominee, and Shannon Wright, the Republican, voters will also have a Working Class Party candidate, David Harding, and a former Republican who is running as an independent, Baltimore businessman Bob Wallace. The 63-year old Cherry Hill native, who founded and runs three local companies, says he’s running to become Baltimore's "mayor-preneur," and to give Baltimoreans a real choice in leadership after a half-century of Democrat control of City Hall. Today, Bob Wallace joins Tom for the hour on Zoom to discuss his independent mayoral campaign, in another of our continuing series of Conversations with the Candidates. We also welcome calls, emails and tweets from listeners with comments and questions for Mr. Wallace.
Bob Wallace, Independent For Baltimore Mayor
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