On a Midday show last August 15, we spoke with three teachers from the Baltimore City Public Schools about their career choices, their experiences in the classroom, and their plans, hopes and aspirations for the coming school year. Enrollment in city schools continues to trend down, but graduation rates are up, and hopes are high as the recommendations of the Kirwan Commission on Education Reform begin to get implemented. On this edition of Midday on Education, the same teachers are back to talk about how things went this year in their classrooms, and to share their take on what’s ahead for the system, and their students.Robert Marinelli heads the Science Department at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, one of the city’s premiere city-wide high schools. They join Tom in the studio for the hour.This conversation was livestreamed, and you can watch the video on WYPR's Facebook page.
BCPS Teachers Panel: A 2018-19 Recap, and a Look Ahead
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