Today, a story of pernicious corruption and courageous integrity, and lessons learned from Watergate. President Trump has repeatedly called Robert Mueller’s inquiry a “witch hunt” and he continues to claim that the press is “the enemy of the people.” Is this unprecedented in American politics? No.An MSNBC podcast called ----Bag Man---- remind us that before he resigned as Vice President, Spiro Agnew tried to impede a corruption investigation, and he leveled sustained attacks on the Justice Department, the Press, and Democrats in general. Yogi Berra might have said, with Mr. Trump, is it d\u233\uj\u224\u vu all over again? Tim Baker, one of the US Attorneys who brought the charges against Agnew, and Mike Yarvitz, the executive producer of the ----Bag Man---- podcast join me on today's Midday.
----Bag Man----: The Fall of Spiro Agnew and Lessons for Today
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