Fall officially began on September 23rd. Two weeks later, we had a record high temperature of 98 degrees. Things cooled off a bit this weekend, although we’ll likely make it back up close to 80 degrees today. The region has also been suffering for the past month through a moderate drought, which shows little sign of ending soon. But assuming real fall weather will kick in at some point, Tom checks in with our garden gurus to see what we need to think about as we finish our harvesting and planting, and prepare to put our outdoor gardens to bed for the winter. Denzel Mitchell is the farm manager at Strength to Love 2 Farm, a one and-a-half acre workforce training farm in Sandtown-Winchester. It’s one of several programs run by the faith-inspired community group, Intersection of Change. Strength to Love 2 Farm is also a member of the Baltimore Farm Alliance…Carrie Engel is here as well. She’s the Greenhouse Manager and a plant specialist at Valley View Farms in Cockeysville, where she’s worked for the better part of 50 years. She’s responsible for their herbaceous plants, including annuals, tropicals and vegetables. And we’re joined on the phone by Clayton Williams. He’s a Master Gardner and a former farm manager at both Strength to Love 2 Farm and CivicWorks’ Real Food Farm in Clifton Park. He now serves as the Farmer Trainer at The Plantation, a one-acre non-profit community garden in Park Heights.They take your call, emails, Tweets and Facebook questions about gardening.This conversation was livestreamed on WYPR's Facebook page, and you can watch the video here, beginning at about 16:00 into the video stream.
Back to the Garden: The Autumn Harvest Edition
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