It’s been two days since Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh announced that she would be taking an indefinite leave of absence due to her “deteriorating health,---- according to a statement. She is recovering from pneumonia, and taking a leave of absence on the advice of her physicians. There are several elected officials advising her to resign altogether. City Council President Jack Young is now serving as the city’s ex officio Mayor and City Council Vice President Sharon Green Middleton has assumed the duties of City Council President.Today we welcome four guests to help unpack the unfolding story: George Nilson served as the Baltimore City Solicitor in 2010, when then Mayor Sheilah Dixon resigned from office as part of a plea agreement in her conviction on misdemeanor corruption charges. Nick Mosby, who now serves in the Maryland General Assembly, ran against Pugh in the 2016 primary. Sharon Green Middleton represents the 6th District and is currently fulfilling the duties of City Council President. And Zeke Cohen is Councilman for the 1st District.
As Calls for Resignation Mount, Will Catherine Pugh Remain Baltimore's Mayor?
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