Local Color
It's been scientifically studied (and proven) that being in nature, hearing nature "sounds" and feeling sunlight on your skin helps elevate your mood and is good for your mental health. Couple that with a nice hike to get the heart rate going, and I guarantee you'll feel better after only an hour outdoors. Justin Tucker aka Trailhead Justin probably spends more of his day outdoors than indoors, going on day hikes, riding bikes through trails, kayaking....if it's outdoors, he's interested. Listen as he talks about growing up in Woodlawn (and why he feels that area is purposefully "neglected" by the state), the complete 180 he made when he was living in New York and working in fashion, how he got into the "outdoors" lifestyle, and the impact BIPOC collaboration has on opening up the lifestyle for others.
Local Color
Episode 95 - Justin Tucker aka Trailhead Justin
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