Local Color
Though I missed the opportunity to participate in Red Bull Amaphiko when it came to Baltimore, I did get the opportunity to interview one of its 2017 fellow, Dominic Nell (aka Farmer Nell). Other fellows of the program include past guests C Harvey and Walker tha Urban Farmer. Farmer Nell has his feet planted in two worlds. The first is the world of photography and videography, which is his bread and butter. That hustle and a joke he made while on the job for a client allowed him to step into the world of urban agriculture and found City Weeds. Listen as Nell explains how he got started with City Weeds, how he uses his day job to push his passion project forward, and what he wants the urban youth to take away from his social programs. Follow Dominic on Instagram, @nellaware.
Local Color
Episode 56 - Dominic Nell
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