Local Color
Megan's got murals all around Baltimore, and to have her art as part of the city is an honor in itself. But Megan wasn't always a muralist; there was a point in her life where she may not have picked up a paintbrush at all. A chance encounter with Dr. Joann Martin, co-founder of the Great Blacks in Wax Museum gave Megan the push she needed to get where she is today. Listen as we discuss the pitfalls of pride, not being recognized for her work, and watching other people run with her ideas. Follow Megan on IG: @urbanhipsta. You can look at more of Megan's art here.\u160\uMusic:Kick, Push - Ryan LittleSweet Me - Loyalty Freak MusicBlonde - NctrnmCosmic Kitten - letmeknowyouanatole
Local Color
Episode 53 - Megan Lewis
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