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His story began as a high school student in Tampa when he was drafted by the Chicago Cubs just after high school graduation. In eventually lead him to become a Charleston minor league baseball player. But then after four season playing in the minors, his life took a drastic turn when he was accused of sexual assault. In 1990, while still working towards his business degree, Jimmie Gardner was arrested and charged with robbing and raping a woman and physically assaulting her and her mother. Despite always maintaining his innocence, Mr. Gardner was put on trial and found guilty even with flawed witnesses and evidence in the case. Fast forward and nearly three decades after the Chief Serologist was exposed, Jimmie C. Gardner’s case was overturned and he was finally released after serving 27 years in prison. Hear his comeback story this week on #ListenInWithKNN with Host Kelsey Nicole Nelson and Co-Host Ray Jones presented by Fox Sports Radio.
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Episode 94: The Wrongly Accused In Sports with Jimmie C. Gardner
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