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Ladies... it’s a “women’s takeover” on “Listen In With KNN” so fellas pay attention as this week host Kelsey Nicole Nelson welcomes in a top influencer on social media, Nichelle Laus. Nichelle and Kelsey get listeners all set to begin preparing to meet their New Year’s Resolution weight loss and fitness goals as the women get you your quick gym fix. Nichelle is owner of the Optimum Training Centre, a certified personal trainer, published fitness model, figure competitor, transformation and competition coach, kickboxing instructor, motivational speaker, and a proud mom of four young boys. It’s time to get your fitness fix right now on “Listen In With KNN” on Fox Sports Radio 96.9 FM ---- 1340 AM. #ListenInWithKNN
Listen in with KNN
Episode 24: Getting Right & Getting Tight- Fitness Fix With Nichelle Laus
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