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Talk about a can’t miss episode, on this edition of “Listen In With KNN, host Kelsey Nicole Nelson and Henry “Discombobulating” Jones talk all things in and out of the boxing ring. The show kicks off with Jones discussing his mentor Michael Buffer and then Jones describing all the challenges he’s faced as the first prominent African-American ring announcer in boxing and his book “It’s more than a notion.” The duo then dive into the Washington Redskins loss against the New Orleans Saints and talk the biggest stars in the DMV boxing scene. The two then describe the future of boxing without Floyd Mayweather and if we will return to the ring as well as David Haye’s injury, Amir Khan on “I’m a Celebrity,” Darryl Williams retiring and the national as well as pay tribute to Danica Patrick. Kelsey has her go at announcing like a boxing ring announcer with help from Jones. All this and more so get ready to “Listen In.”
Listen in with KNN
Episode 18: A Closer look inside the Boxing Ring With Discombobulating Jones
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