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This week we’re doing a special episode on Dat Rona aka the coronavirus or as its scientifically known -- SARS CoV 2. We decided to pull together and disseminate some Rona’ knowledge because we are all being bombarded with a lot of information that is often inconsistent and rapidly changing. We’ll give you a rundown of what Rona is, what we know about it genetically, and I’ll tell you about a vaccine being developed to combat the spread of the virus. Then we will have a Q&A session with Dr. Ashira Blazer, a medical professional currently working in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. . Here are some questions we expect to cover: . 1)What makes corona different from the flu ? 2)Why Black people aren't immune? 3)Why the spread is extremely dangerous for Black folks specifically? 4)How long are you contagious once you have contracted the virus? 5)Can you get infected with the virus twice? 6)How did it spread this fast and so quickly? 7)What a vaccine for the virus may look like? 8)What does it mean to be a carrier of the virus but not develop the disease? 9)Who gets a test? 10)Why do we need viruses to live? . Lastly, we’ll end with some affirmational vibes about humanity and the ecosystem of life. . PLEASE NOTE, WE WILL BE UPDATING THESE SHOW NOTES AS MORE INFORMATION COMES IN AND WILL POST REFERENCES WITH OUR TRANSCRIPT WITHIN THE NEXT WEEK. . If you would like to give to our freelancers working hard to make the this podcast available who are also impacted by the pandemic you can send them donations for thier hard work on this episode with the information. Sam’s (our lead producers) Cash App: $SamRidd Chad's (our music producer) Venmo: @Chris-Diggins Chris' (our creative director) Venmo: @Imchadmilner- . You can follow our guest Dr. Ashira Blazer on Twitter at @Ashira_MD . If you want to learn more about how to cope with your coronavirus related anxiety listen to this: . If you want lo learn more about how to keep connected with your community during social distancing: . If you want learn more about the bill to relieve affected workers listen to this: . If you want to know the intersection of coronavirus on social justice and Black and Brown communities listen to this: . If you want to learn more on what preventative measures other countries have done to combat the virus:®ion=header&pgtype=Article . Here is an informative video on animal markets. . More on what RNA is found here . If you want to learn why we were not ready for a pandemic listen here.®ion=header . If you want to learn more about why it's so hard to get a test listen to this:®ion=header . To learn more about fact vs fiction on coronavirus listen to this: . . If you want to learn more about what you should be doing now listen to this: . More on mRNA medications found here: . For more information mRNA vaccines check out this resource . In Those Genes is independently funded, to give, become a patron here: . If you would like to give a one time donation, you can do that here: . If a monetary donation isn’t in the cards be sure to rate and write a review of the podcast. OAN, don’t forget to share this podcast with everyone you know! . You can formally join the family by visiting, . . Follow us at @inthosegenespod on Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates. . The Nucleus (our transcript, The Helix (an episodic soundtrack), and Henrietta Facts (quick notes from the episode) will be posted soon
In Those Genes
Dat Rona
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